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Elle ma Belle


Elle is a dreamer, like her big sis Lola. Elle likes to stay away as far as possible from the busy city life. She likes to go on long walks in the woods, in the mountains, on the beach, … Elle loves to go out and search for beautiful wildflowers to compose her own little flower arrangements. Elle is made with 2 threads of silk mohair in 2 colours of your choice (stranded knitting).



silk mohair: double thread

Suggested yarn: DROPS kid silk 25 gr / 210 m

Elle 2 colours:

• +/- 7,5 gr silk mohair colour A

• +/- 7,5 gr silk mohair colour B (accent) – dominant colour


Circular needles (short) 4 mm / cable 40 cm

OR: knitting using the magic loop or DPN’s



Elle ma Belle - English

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