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Hi! Thank you so much for joining my little testknitting community!

Way of working

When a new testknit starts, I will first contact the knitters who are on this mailing list & I'll send you all the info you need about the pattern. If you would like to join the testknit, please reply as soon as possible & share the size you would like to make. If I don't find enough testknitters in this group, I will also launch an 'official call for testknitters' on Instagram to fill in the empty spots. I always try to work with a mix of some of my regulars (these are testknitters I've worked with many times before) and new knitters, preferably knitters from all over the world.

One of the conditions of testknitting, is that you have a PUBLIC INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT (knitting related). 

It is not required that you are an experienced knitter OR that you have any experience with testknitting.

This depends on the design that has to be testknitted.

The testknit will be in English only.


Depending on the design, I'll need 2 testknitters per size.

This number can change with testknits of accessories.

What do I expect from you as a test knitter?

 I am looking for dedicated knitters who are committed to finish the testknit within the specified timeframe. 

You give the necessary feedback on the pattern, sizing, amount of yarn used and type of yarn (you will receive a link to a feedback survey by email). You can always contact me personally with questions / remarks via email or instagram. I will create a group chat on instagram (always in English) with every new testknit. You are - of course - completely free to choose whether you like to join or not. In the chat group, you can share your progress, but also any questions or remarks. I will always do my best to respond to questions as soon as possible.


I will make a code on ravelry for every testknit so you can add your project there too.

You are not obligated to do so.

You share as little or as many progress pictures of your work on your instagram account (I would very much appreciate it if you would share a finished object picture). Always tag me and use the appropriate hashtags (always starting with '#adorable_' ) for the design. Also mention that it is an ad: 'AD - pattern received for a testknit'.

You will be contacted by email if you are selected for a testknit.

You will not be contacted if you are not selected for this testknit.

At the end of a testknit, you will receive the final version of the pattern and a discount code which can be used in my webshop.


ADULT sizes for garments: 

XS (S) M (L) XL (2XL) 3XL (4XL) 5XL

which correspond to a body bust circumference of approx.

74 (84) 94 (104) 114 (124) 134 (144) 155 cm [29.25 (33) 37 (41) 45 (48.75) 52.75 (56.76) 61 inches] respectively.

Info about ease and all the measurements of a design are always shared with the specific design.

JUNIOR sizes for garments:

2y (4y) 6y (8y) 10y (12y)

which correspond to a body bust circumference of approx.

53 (58,5) 63,5 (67) 71 (76) cm [20.75 (23) 25 (26.5) 28 (30) inches] respectively. 

Note that you can only fill in 1 choice below. When there's a future testknit you would like to join, you can always mention that you can make other sizes too when you reply to the testknit email.


Sizes for accessories will be specified per testknit.

YARN: the pattern always includes 1 or more yarn suggestions.  

You are free to work with a yarn of your own choice, as long as it matches the stated gauge.

As I am a small knitwear designer, I still don't have the luxury of organizing test knits where the yarn is fully sponsored.

I do work together with many wonderful yarn brands who give a discount to my testknitters for a specific testknit. When this is the case, I'll share all the details in the mail for that testknit.


I would like you to share some information with me regarding your (test)knitting experience.

Please fill in the form below. Thank you in advance!

Skill level
Which ADULT size would you like te test?
Which JUNIOR size would you like te test?

Application received! Thank you for joining my testknitting team! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Happy knitting!

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